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January 30 2011

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July 21 2010

February 10 2010

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February 05 2010

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June 03 2009

One Reason to Hate Bing

Microsoft released Bing, its new search engine, today. If you have doubts about the new product, you’re not alone. Here’s one good reason to hate Bing.


One Reason to Hate Bing | Business Pundit
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May 31 2009

May 26 2009

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me on tomorrow's concurrent computing exam.

and yeah, it does.
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May 25 2009

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<Alucard> is the reason r2-d2 beeps so much because someone fucked up the alsa drivers?

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May 24 2009

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May 21 2009

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May 19 2009

The Orgin.

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May 18 2009

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Comparism of Browsers
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May 17 2009

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Internet People.
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May 16 2009

Play fullscreen
What is Freedom?
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Geeks tend to be away on Saturday, 7am

May 15 2009

1600 x 1200

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